Welcome to Classical Guitar Secrets

Yes, another Guitar Control blog previewing our latest DVD course: Classical Guitar Secrets.
We have a fantastic instructor – Lily Afshar. Yes, our first female instructor and actually
she is the first woman in the world to receive a Doctorate in Guitar Performance.

She has a ton of killer technical secrets as well as amazing pieces to teach you.
Everything will be tabbed out as well 🙂

Please post your comment!!!

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  • Simon says:

    A woman who has definiately formed a Relationship with her Guitar.

    • I like the look, good stage presence, is she available?

    • dave says:

      it has always anoyed me that guatarist look at the neck of their instrument while preforming /// dont ever look at what you see ””””always feel and hear what youre playing –dave

      • It doesn’t really annoy me that Lily looks at her neck when she plays I think she is a great player I could not determine that when I first saw this video her interpretation of this piece did not convince mye of her artistry I googled her and wathed some of her other videos and she is superb! Jullian Bream also watches hi fretboard. John Williams plays with his eyes closed. I have been playing for 45 years classical guitar and I usually play with my eyes closed but why the heck does this matter? It shouldn’t and it doesn’t to me!

        • Pete says:

          I enjoyed her performance and you can tell she does play and could play with her eys closed. the point is she can play and feel the music ,notes and dynamics. are all guitarist supose to stare at the crowd or space? i think not. myself,30y guitar veteran, when you enjoy what you perform , you wrap yourself in it. the house could burn down around me and i am still playing till the flame burns my ass!!

      • dane says:

        I know hu

  • Chuck says:


  • Clete Beaudin says:

    Well, she can come and visit me any time. We could sit on the deck and contemplate the sounds at the bay shore. Her music would compliment the sounds of the birds and waves lapping on the shore. My place faces East, so there’s no sunset, but the sunrises over the water are awesome, to say the least.

  • Vince says:

    Awesome ! realy great guitarist and tune,
    I was looking for this tune for a long time
    and I just know to play the begining, but
    with your help, I will be able to learn the
    rest of it.
    But may be I didn’t have the right to play it,
    because this tune is called : “Jeux Interdits”
    a famous french film track from the 50’s, that
    means “Forbidden Games”, so you can’t play it 😉
    (just for the joke…)

  • Joe says:

    Very awsome, thats what practice will do

  • pablo says:

    excellent !!

  • Paul says:

    I’ve always thought I’d like to start messing around with classical guitar again; this may be just the inspiration I need!

  • Christopher Lee says:

    Sounds good, excellent piece. I know quite a few professional like Kaori Muraji, Christopher Parker, Leo Kottke among others play thier unique style. I like to play as well but when you have a broken wrist, finger nearly cut off and ‘glued’ back together and a broken thumb over the years, then I can’t play as good as I use to. I still play but not as good sad to say.

  • Fred says:

    Awe Struck!! Can’t wait for tips and Tabs.

    • This piece is available in many editions but standard notation I’m not sure about tab most classical guitarists read standard notation which is really just as easy as reading tab.

  • ger says:

    yes fine guitar playing but I have also been playing Romanza for years and i think she plays it much too quickly as a result she lacks the emotion that this beautiful piece is meant to convey—so just slow it a bit honey and get more feeling into it.

    • Maryel Mamie says:

      To slow can be also to “fleur bleue”. I wish I could be that good…
      Thanks for the good moment and the “know how” that I can see for the “doigté”…
      Now I will go and practice it… Maryel

  • delfin says:

    wow song for Anna ,nice great 🙂

  • I also think she plays this piece to fast I Don’t think anyone can play it like Christopher Parkening and if you really want to hear some fine classical playing check out David Russell’s rendition of Augustin Barrios “Sueno in La Floresta” Or if you prefer female classical guitarists check out Sharon Isbin Playing The Bach e minoe Lute Suite!

  • Much too dry and does she really need those position markers on her guitar?


  • Leo LaFalle says:


    I know how to play this piece and I really enjoy her interpretation of the piece. It’s beautiful.

    This lady has achieved a level of mastery and control that few guitarists will ever reach. If you can’t see and hear that — go get some glasses and take the wax out of your ears.


  • I have to leave another comment because I feel maybe I can help the guitarist out Segovia said in his masterclass “you have to feel the music” and I don’t think the eeling was there slow it down use a little more vibrato make it sing more on the repeat vary the tone perhaps playing at the bridge and more of a ritard after each phrase and this piece could sound the difference between good and great in other words I think it needs a little more work!

  • Jerry says:

    While my playing guitar style would not and could not match those you all have mentioned I would not feel that I would tell her it was to fast. I play to please myself Lord knows you can’t please everyone. That said I think it’s great to have people evaluate a performance and many times a guitarist will use that kind of information to improve. I like her style and the clear sound and one can see that it takes a lot of talent and knowledge of the guitar to play that song. I would like to see each person that thinks they could do better do the song so that the rest of use could give our thoughts of their rendition.

  • Stephanie says:

    Absolutely wonderful! I love to see a talented acoustic/classical guitarist. She has as good a technique as Leona Boyd or Joni Mitchell–I am pleased to see a woman who can play as well as all the great guys in music!

    • dave says:

      once again’hear what you play not what you see on the fretboard -it will always give you freedom – of sound and creativity of what you and your crowd are or may be taking in!!

  • charles000 says:

    Very nice. I must confess I’ve never heard Romanza before, but I will now . . . I’ll probe youtube, iTunes, and so on and find more of her.

    Thanks – it’s an artform for which I do have a strong appreciation.

  • David Pearson says:

    Very nice, like a breath of fresh air. The first time I heard this was back in the fifties by a guitarist named Manuel diaz Cano. It bought back memories of Saturday mornings listening to records in various London record shops. Thank you for igniting my memeories.

  • Nick108 says:

    My first intro to classical guitar and spanish was Carlos Montoya, blew my brains out, then at Leaving Level High School days, My god were we ‘high’ then. Took Classical Guitar as a subject, had to go visit this dear old girl who rocked out classics with a finger action with the speed of Hendrix crossed with Yngwie Malmsteen. Awesome. I loved it, going through this book Carcassi. Matteo Carcassi was an ace classic guitarist, then being peaceful and non violent, this guy at school followed me for two weeks calling me a commo. So one day, I snapped and bashed his head in, which broke the bone in my left hand, eight weeks no lessons and like so many great things, I just never went back. Last lesson she was going through Stairway to Heaven with me. I still have those books and still practise and learn from them.

    • This might be my last comment I am a five star performer on gigmasters.com google Alan Lee Wilson I have been playing classical guitar for over fourty five years I practise every day I still practise my Segovia Scales and the Mauro Guiliani Arpeggio studies I have also played the Carcassi and Sor Etudes. My practise is startimg to pay off bcause I am starting to get lots of gigs on gigmasters I am now the number one guitarist for a google search of classical uitarists in Maine Iused to be no. 2 I would love to hear lily play something a bit more challengeng Such as Recuedos de la Alhambra by Francisco Tarrega. I love John Williams playing but I also think some of his reditions are dry for example the Granados dance no. 5 I much rather prefer Segovia’s version of that same goes for the prelude no. 1 by Villa Lobos I prefer Bream’s version to Williams. I don’t think I can judge Lily’s playing on one piece and would like to hear more!

  • HARLEY says:


  • Brent says:

    I’m just a country guitar picker, but I know what I like. In my opinion, this lady is fabulous… some say she doesn’t “feel” it …. I feel it.

  • Laurent says:

    Absolutely sensational. The mood in this and other classical pieces can reach me in ways that most other contemporary styles seem to not quite get to. But that’s only when they are played as well as this one was played. Very well accomplished

  • L. Royal Byars says:

    This lady has become one with her guitar, absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  • leonard hall says:

    Dont know if it is possible to fall in love with someones hands..
    Yeah it is.you nailed it lady.kudos you made my night.will
    definately be watching and fumbling my thumb fingered way
    through this beautiful piece you have blessed us with thank you and
    It WAS awesome!!!

  • Heiko says:

    Thanks Claude for sending me this link, I enjoy it.

    This is a piece of music, i bet everyone in the world knows, not by name but the melody.

    I tried several times to play this piece. Not in perfection but as an attemt to play a melody i can sing on the guitar just because i thought of a nice useful melody to do so.

    Why the hell i thought of this Romanza and not of any blues i try to play normally?

    So i think this shows the “weight” of playing and demonstrating on a platform like this a song like this.

    Kind of brave and

    Lily you are right to do so!

    Thanks a lot, i will bookmark this and looking forward to hear more from you!!

    Heiko, Germany

  • jeff bellomy says:

    She qs very good her touch plays with heart,those type of nylon string guitars have real wide necks, and she has the long fingers that are needed! thanks jb

    • The classical guitars neck is wide because the instrument is designed to be played with your fingers of the right hand and the wider nick spaces the strings wider apart so you can play with your fingers’

  • Judy Lloyd says:

    Absolutely fantastic. Even though I play a different style of music. this song you played really moved me. I hadn’t heard it for so long. What an amazing guitarist Well done

  • Larry says:

    Nice piece, I agree a littel dry I believe due to inturuptions in her timing…perhaps she’s playing to fast to keep flow. When she changes to a different patern that maybe is difficult for her there is a pause or inturuption in flow that cuases the entire feel to start over. Very nice sound…timing needs work. She’s close.

  • Peter Wolring says:

    Excellent interpretation and wonderfull righthand playing as well

  • Peter Wolring says:

    Excelent interpretation and wonderfull righthand playing as well

  • mike O'Harrow says:

    Nice style, most refreshing!

  • cleek14 says:

    LOVELY, The music is nice, as well.

  • Jim says:

    Have you ever noticed that those most critical of someone else’s don’t have their better version posted anywhere (usually because they can’t play it themself’s). As for Alan and ger if your so good at it, if you make and post your version on utube and send the link to Claude, I’m pretty sure he would send it out to the group. As for the playing I only wish I could play like that, she is utterly fantastic.

  • jfk says:

    Critics! Who needs them!
    That was beautifully played. Only those who consider themselves more accomplished are entitled to make comment and those who ARE more accomplished would only praise and encourage further.
    Those exquisitely long fingers, reaching out for precision, the perfect notation, the slight hesitancy at the appropriate moment,the whole piece without a blemish.
    I am a three chord wonder, I only wish I could afford to place the finest guitar in the world in this ladies’ hands.
    I think that it is not possible to project to the human ear through the medium of a computer, the true sound emanating from the movement of air being reverberated and creating the sound the instrument is designed to produce.
    I listen to my own three chord renditions at close quarters and feel great satisfaction when my wife says, ” That was nice love.”
    P.S. I’m 72 maybe a bit too late for me ,yeh?

    • Also jfk Lily Plays a Thomas Humphrey Millenium which is from one of the worlds finestclassical guitar makers this instrument is played by some of the world’s finest players including Eliot Fiske and Sharon Isbin who incidently (Sharon Isbin) Hails from Minneaolis I alsoa from the midwest (Wisconsin) and I was fortunate to have one of the same guitar teachers as Sharon (Jeffrey Van) Sharon and I were both students in a workshop on Minneapolis in 1970 and at the time Sharon was struggling through the pieces
      like everyone else in the workshop She was working on Tarregga’s Capprichio Arabe at the time I also play this piece and you can find my example on my gigmasters sight Jeffrey Van’s comment to me after I played this piece in a lesson were ” Even Tarregga Would be Happy with That Rendition Alan” so jfk I think I know a little bit about the classical guitatar!

    • Maryel Mamie says:

      Nor just consider but that are realy better. There must be very few Soory I’m better in french.

  • james says:

    If Claude teaches Naked GS nobody will buy it!

  • Lance says:

    I would! I think Claude is HOTT!

  • Mark says:

    We want to see her NAKED!!!

  • mick lewis says:

    I tried playing this piece years ago, and made a complete mess of it! I just bought Claudes guitar dvds and when I get rid of my workload I shall try to make a reasonable noise! I have been playing since 1966. my brothers lad is 16 years old, and in four years he is a good drummer, excellent guitarist, and learnt the piano to a very competent standard in the last 18 months. Every guitarist I have known, ( some I taught the basics) have gone way past me now so I have a lot of catching up to do. Practice is the key to anything, and that is what i should have done for sure! I never ,ever realised that guitar playing would reach the levels of todays standards.

  • Johann Coetzee says:

    Absolute Stunning!!!! So gracious.

  • John T. Sewell says:

    WOW!–it was Fantastic, where can I get her music? Thanks

  • RookerRock says:

    I wouldn’t tell Joe Satriani or Eric Johnson or Yngwie Malmsteen that they were playing to fast – the speed at which a piece is played is also of personal feeling. When my electric is strapped on, the feeling ebbs and the expressions flow at 160+ bpm, so I’ll just comment that her masterful playing is inspiring.

    • You really can’t equate Joe Satriani’s style or Erick Johnson’s stle with classical guitar I love Joe Satriani and Erick Johnson I myself play other style but I feel my srong point is classical guitar speed is great when it is called for but speed just for the sake of speed has no point in musical expression If you listen to John William’s version of Romanza I actually think it is too slow Lily’s I think is too fast I think on the other hand that Christopher Parkening’s version has a perfect tempo. Just like Antonio Lauro’s Waltz Criollo I belive most peo[le play it too fast it is such a goreous [iece that when you play too fast it loses some of its poetry!

  • Wayne says:

    Hey Lily,
    Your hair looks nice. I recognized your guitar before I recognized you (or read the post).
    The traditional Spanish Ballad took me back to BCM. I’ll have to work on that one.
    Bless you,

  • Anj says:

    Beautiful interpretation,we have all got something to take with us into our own guitar playing there…

  • Chris says:

    is that an old “Levin” hand made guitar from Denmark? i think i have the exact guitar. they were bought out by Martin, i think in the late 60’s because they wanted a classical line, although it didn’t last. my Levin has beautiful tone and is an awesome guitar…bought in ’65 i think.

  • Neal Eichholz says:

    A relatively easy classical piece, but she played it smoothly and tastefully. It was pleasing to the ear and to my mind, music simply must sound good; everything else is meaningless. Neal

  • Fauli says:

    es ist grandios. meine hochachtung, weiter so.

  • Kelly says:

    What is the secret? How do we find out what the secret is? Looks like the guitar has an alternate tuning. Help!


  • Skippy says:

    HI, I’m surfing the web checking out sites offering guitar teaching videos. here’s a quote from this website:
    She has a ton of killer technical secrets as well as amazing pieces to teach you.
    Everything will be tabbed out as well
    But WHERE, OH WHERE IS THE MUSIC TABBED OUT, AND HOW DO i FIND IT??? Help me, I’m a poor, lost soul, Skippy


  • Sivispace says:

    My stepdad played classical guitar and taught me for the first year or so of my instruction. When I play Classical licks now, I find myself venturing into Ozzie Osborn territory. It just goes to show that Classical Music is very versitile. If only I could have taken lessons from Randy Rodes.

  • andy says:

    all i can say in 40 yr she play smoke on the guitar

  • alex says:

    Здорово!!! Невероятно!!! очень понравилось. попробую повторить. классика мне очень нравится. Особенно когда играет девушка


  • Ted says:

    Very nice playing, but the low E is a tad sharp…

  • Andrew says:

    Wow! Great feeling, very nice piece.

  • Kort says:

    Thank you Claude for bringing this fine guitarist and style to us. I have a Gibson SG 61′ Re-Issue for rock; a Yamaha Acoustic for blues; and a fine Fender Classical for Classical – the one I play most often. I am 63 yrs young and have played music (started with the violin when I was six) for 57 yrs. I find this guitarist refreshing, talented and well worth listening to. I’m more than sure that MOST of us can learn something from her, which I intend to do.

    Keep up the good work Claude.

  • Jerzy T. Jaroszewski says:

    Masterpiece, she play so easy and unbelieveable lite. I dont agree like one respondent wrote tempo just write, as manufact at some point one verse on lower neck I think it was to fast. I have to listen again.
    Jerzy T. Jaroszewski

    I hope her CD is coming out soon.

  • Bruce says:

    I like her straight forward interpretation. Perhaps because “Spanish Romance” is played so much, people tend to inject all kinds of melodrama.

    She needs to watch her timing on position changes, though. She tends to retard slightly when she’s shifting position.

    “I can for sure play the piece straight without any ritards, and play it like a machine.”

    – CLAUDE

  • kevin says:

    just beautiful! she can be my guitar teacher anytime!!

  • Peter says:

    It’s an individual choice if you want to play it fast – as this lady does – or slow with the “classical” feeling and vibrato! I normally play it slowly, but it was inspiring to hear it at this speed. And she really has a relaxed way of playing “fast”.
    By the way: “Levin” guitars were built i Sweden. I have still got one from about 1960 – and it still has a wonderful sound.

  • pat says:

    very nice love the sound of nylon strings,i came across this classical tune while learning to read music.the shorter version of it she makes it look easy and sound perfect a great talent.

  • Philip says:

    Just for the record, the lyric from Up To Me is

    “dayglo pirate SINKS at last”

    not sings.


    • Jakobe says:

      Right you are, but it’s a common mistake. Here’s my interpretation: moon. Day-glo pirate means the moon. Awesome, beautiful classical playing, Lily. I’m inspired to get more out of the cheap classical I just bought from an airport shuttle driver at the hotel I’m currently stuck in until I can get my instruments out of storage. THANK YOU!

  • Marina says:

    If you google dayglo pirate and scroll down you get to a website called The Session, click on that it may have your answer for you.

  • R F says:

    she is iranian.im very proud.

  • dave says:

    al dimeola/jeff beck/jimmey page/old jimi/and a whole bunch have influenced my fret board love – dont look at it///feel @ hear it or your’e stubbing yourself for non progression on a wonderful instrument -dc

    • Right you are dave I once studied the upright base with a master cellist whose name was Johann Lingamen he always used to tell me “There is nothing to look at the distances between the notes are in your head” of course he was right as the upright base doesn’t have frets.

  • Anyone know what I have to do to mail this link to someone? Every single time I insert it into my web browser it goes to the front page and not this blog post

  • As a Newbie, I am continuously browsing online for articles that can help me. Thank you

  • Daron says:

    that class i could listen to her play al day

  • In 80 just before John Lennon got killed I lost my index and middle finger tips sniped off 1 was reattached the other still has a nail I had to relearn.I did,then in 86 I had plunt force trama to the head.I had to learn every thing again.I paid for lessons everything I couldn’t get the hang of it.I got your 1st email and learn more from just free stuff I’m gettin’ 1 of your disks next month for my 50 birthday next month and I can’t wait.I never could sing and play now I can’t wait to see how it really works,Mr. Claude.Peace!

  • Ioannis Kalogerakos says:

    It is good to hear different styles of music being performed by well trained
    performers, that’s why music is so great and powerfull!
    I think the guitarist in this video fullfils this criteria.
    Although someone may say that she kept doing unnecessary small pauses between changing chords,however as an instructor I think she will be very good!

  • Lily Afshar says:

    Dear classical Guitar Secret Fans:
    Thank you for all your comments.
    To answer a few of the questions that have been raised:

    My guitar is a Thomas Humphrey Millennium Model 1992 made in NYC.

    The ritards that I take in Romanza are done on purpose because I am paying attention to the phrasing of the melody. I can for sure play the piece like a machine without any rubato or ritards but this is not my style. I like to sing the piece and phrase where necessary.

    LilY Afshar

    • Abraham says:

      Thank you for your rendition of this beautiful piece of music. This (as well as Green Sleeves) were the first two pieces I was taught to play on the guitar, I was 14 yrs old. That same year my lessons and playing ended for reasons I won’t go into here and I didn’t pick up a guitar again until I was almost 30, but when I did I was able to play both pieces as if I had learnt them yesterday. Now my fingers are short and stubby definitely not built for the challenges of the wide neck of a classical guitar. Nowadays I mostly play my electric Fender Stratocaster but my enjoyment of music has always been as much in listening as it is in playing. Thank you for your interpretation of this old time classic as humans we are naturally given to be critical but for me it was just beautiful. God bless you!

    • Lily you are great I checked out your other videos today I lve how you play the Barrios!

  • John says:

    Finally – Classical Guitar Secrets.
    I hope the course will include standard notation too (plus the tabs)


  • All the people who criticised this beautiful piece of music remind me of so called wine experts who analyse wines and tell people what is a good wine and what is a bad wine. What a load of bull! they need to get over themselves, if it tastes good drink it, if it sounds good listen to it and enjoy otherwise keep it to yourself.
    I just hope that one day I can play 1/4 as good as that or even just remember something as intricate. I loved it.

  • frank says:

    Im impressed the music was good to
    i could look and listen to this loverly lady all day long
    she has talent

  • Donald says:

    She’s amazing,plays wonderfully,like this…..:)

  • SAhar says:

    wow i like it!!!!!!!

  • Mark says:

    When will Naked Classical Guitar Secrets be available?


  • joebob says:

    nice – I would like to hear you play Etude No2 by Villa-Lobos. I want to learn the fingering for that one.

  • Bob Roillings says:

    Thanks for sending this look at what “can be with practice”. Of Coarse I admired her playing and the music. Each day on tips that you send me. Each day I struggle thru but notice advancement. I’m 76 but what the hell, with you communications, I still think I can make those string talk to me. Want to thank you for your improved videos and for “being thereZ”…Bob

  • Brian says:

    When can I buy this? I’ve wanted to learn classical via tabs for a while and this would be really great!


  • Ruud Janssens says:

    Hi Claude,

    Classical guitar was my entrance in guitar lessons long long time ago.
    I wanted to play like the Beatles (and later on like Carlos Santana) when I was young, so I went to a guitar teacher where I learned the classical and spanish guitar.
    This very song “Jeux Interdits” is taken from a movie and means Forbidden play.
    I still play this song, even when I picked up guitar playing again a few years ago and when I followed your courses KLGMS, KGCS, and my big love How to play Smokin’ Blues guitar.
    I’m glad that your big love for guitarplaying is so broad too.
    Nice to hear my “all life time” song played by this woman so beautiful!!
    Thank you and keep on playing and posting your blogs.

    The Netherlands


  • Michael J. Lozon says:

    You are so right Lily, you played it correctly. The individual aspect of playing a song is just that, an independent interpretation. I have played with some great players, which include Uncle Ted Nugent, Bonnie Raitt, to name a few. Your dedication and stature is impressive. To have a doctorate in performance is awesome. I have been playing the guitar for 42 years and am still learning.

  • David says:

    execellent i wish she was my guitar teacher i woould not miss a lesson

  • Ali Asadi says:

    Lily e aziz!
    awesome job, as always! I really enjoyed it! looking forward to see you again and listen to your guitar live again! good luck and keep up the excellent work!

  • Jenny says:

    It’s so beautiful because it’s just a simple, cool sounding melody.

  • akinlade damilola seyi says:

    superb,awesome.tells me i can do this.

  • Thank you for this service and forum. I am new to guitar playing, but not music. I have been a drummer for over 50 yrs. Sept.2008, I got into a dibilitating accident at my work place and had to start all over, but with a less physical instrument to progress in.

    Believe it or not, I am realizing tremendous joy and pleasure from my new musical goals. The world of electronic music production has been opened and I know it will be with me till I leave this existence, and maybe , then some.

    Yes, Ms. Afshar is fantastic. I enjoyed the clip of her playing “Romanza”. She is going to be a huge help to me as I trek upon this new journey in education and spirituality.

    Again, thank you for today and the many times to come.


    Daniel B. Alcutt

  • Charles Mcclendon says:

    She sounds great.I love to see female guitarists.I am very familar with the song she is playing.In fact it was one of the first classical songs I played for my recital at eastern michigan university.She has great potiental.

  • Paul says:

    Classical Guitar has always fascinated me.

  • PJ says:

    Good to hear that beautiful tune after all these years.. good effort but i thought she was slightly off in position change every now and then.. 8+ for me. Cheers

  • PJ says:

    oops.. it just could have been me though!!!

  • Ron Gare says:

    Not very immpressive. I could play that better 20 years ago!!
    Ive totally forgotten that one, because it isn’t that immpressive a piece at the best of times!!

  • ed says:

    great playing, but does not interact with audience!!!!!!! don’t look at neck of guitar.

  • janet says:

    you go girl would love to hear more

  • stefan says:

    1-10 – 6
    Haresa mi obshto vzeto.Mislq,4e ima izvestni netochnosti v interpretaciqta,osven tova nqma i dostatacho lichno otnoshenie-chustvenost v izpalnenieto.Preporachvam da se promeni postanovkata na dqsna raka./bg/

  • Hi everyone I took the time today to google lily and listen to her other examples on the internet as I said I could not judge her playing on just the Romanza. I did however listen to her play “Una el Amor De Dios” A Tremolo Study By Agustin Barrios and UI also hear her play the Persian Folk Songs and now I camn form an opinion of her playing and I agree she is fantastic the renditions of these other pieces are just lovely but i still do not like how she plays “Romanza” however that said she is a good player!

  • Or I should say great player she has a greaty tremolo a technique that is very difficulty. Hopefully Claude will post some of her other videos for you all 5tojoy. But just check them out on the internet fantastic! I don’t think the Romanza is a true representation of her artistry!

  • Paul says:

    This was great to listen to & with such feeling. When I was taking classical guitar 30+ years ago, I was given “Romanze” to learn. I didn’t finish it & my tutor proceeded on with something new. I have since lost the music. I have always regreted this , even now. However, It was great to hear it in it’s entirety. The way I heard It played certainly reflects the name of the piece & has urged me to submit these comments. 5 star !!!!!!

  • Tony says:

    Amazing!!! Site and remarks. Thanks for the blog Claude

  • Maryel Mamie says:

    In french we say “grand parleur, petit faiseur”…
    She is very good and thank you for the very good moment…

  • Rene Cruz says:

    17 years old, been playing fingerstyle and blues for about two years and the old travis picking has started to get stale.

    Classical + bossa nova = keeping me learning. I’ll probably buy this course.

  • Michael J. Keffer says:

    I’m now just now learning to crawl I can’t wait till I can run

  • anthony says:

    Very lovely! Look forward too more of her lessons on the blog

  • Samir Thomas says:

    Brilliant and very well performed! It was really worthed to sit and listen to this wonderful piece that was well played by Lily. Than you Claude!

  • Larry says:

    Hey Claude, Lily was very good a little stiff but still quite good and sorry to tell you this but she is alot prettier than you

  • Tremolo_Jones says:

    I get the impression that she played this piece here because it’s simple and popular. I was rather surprised that someone of her technical ability seemed to have to put in “breaks” as big as she did for position changes. One of the difficulties in classical guitar is to make things legato and vocal–to sustain a melodic line. I’m sure Lily “could if she wanted to” but she seemed to not want to in a few places. However in one specially difficult place she used a “non-standard” fingering and did connect things where it is often broken. Interesting.

  • aleckvbrown says:

    AWESOME! would love to see her play in concert.

  • Owe says:

    I go with Tremolo Jones:
    Pretty girl playing a lovely standard classic, timing a bit stiff, thus hurting the flow of the melody.

  • odjie says:

    yah..bravo she is an exelent acoustic guitar player…i was doing that flucking very long time ago but i played differently in my owned tabs.. but now i will play what i saw to her….

  • croatoa says:

    Stage craft can make or break you.
    She doesn’t move, lacks enough eye contact.
    Everytime you move eyes follow you.
    Make gestures.
    On stage its not just “music”. Its a whole bunch of attention following doings you need to work the audience.
    That said?
    She’great. And I’m speaking from working the crowd, classical folks never seem to do it and the crowd wanders away conversationally or actul physically.
    Its a show, not just music…….
    Still she’s great and her audience is likely the type who sits quietly and sips drinks. Or waves their hand fans.
    Me? I LIVE for the audience “challenge”. Still I play some broadway and some bluesy jazzy stuff.
    P.S. GREAT musician she is.


    • Tremolo_Jones says:

      For the “classical folks” it is about the music. Showmanship does not cover for musical lack, and musical excellence more than makes up for any short-comings of stage presence. Any extra “showmanship” thrown on top can be a real distraction. In a night club or coffee shop when playing pop, jazz, or blues genres, a bit of “showmanship” is fine. In a classical concert it gets in the way. Horowitz remarked that even swaying on the piano bench with the music was distasteful to him because it distracted. Different worlds.

      When I give a recital I assume nobody is “sipping drinks.” I assume they are there to listen. When I attend a concert nobody around me is sipping drinks either. Like I said, different worlds.

  • Andy says:

    I first played classical guitar from Anthony Phoenix in the early 60s. I, unfortunately gave up the guitar when I went to college, after playing in a rock band. I have just taken it up again thanks to Claude’s courses. I am trying to get my someone old fingers to move again, my brain connection is fine. Anyway I have a few comments.
    !. I feel the guitar playing is great. Classical music’s tempo is in one’s head.
    2. As my old teacher told me, when studying this tune, “If one has to tell others how good they are, they probably aren’t.
    3.Lily, I know you are talented because your playing put a smile on my face and a dream in my heart.
    4. Claude, Thank you…just thank you.

  • ozzy says:

    Lily,I think your playing is just as beautiful as you are. I wish I could afford the lessons,even if I never learned a note, I could listen to you play all day. Absolutely touching…I felt every note you played. I would love to be able to do what you do. Keep up the wonderful work.It really is amazing.

  • Ralph Essex says:

    some Claude inspired work.
    TY for the lessons…

  • Larry says:

    They need to quit pickin on her she is great and I would sit and listen with rapt attention

  • Elliott says:

    Nothing but GREAT STUFF!!

    I’ve been working at classical for a number of years. This was terrific!!


  • Quen says:

    Ah I learned this song a long time a go. after my comp crashed I lost the score. Thanks for posting this now that I know the song again I can get the score^^

  • Theodorus says:

    Hi Lily, you play very well Milady, it is so soothing to my spirit to watch and listen to you pick away the notes. Thank you for your inspiration. Just yesterday I picked up my old steel string guitar after many years and started to play Apache. It was not long and a pretty girl looked over my fence wall to see me. It sure made me feel good again. I guess I am back on the Road again.

    Keep it ringing Girl.

    Love and Blessings


  • Manny B says:

    superb teaching by a great teacher….more power Lily

  • Garry says:

    Lily, Lily Lily, where were you in 1990 when I started learning Classical Guitar. My old teacher would have a fit if he knew there were tabs for Classical Guitar available with this course.lol. I had to learn standard notation and for the first two years I did exercises, scales and played Nursey Rhymes. You go girl. I will buy the course because you are a great player and teacher.

  • Joe says:

    Wonderful, I have always enjoyed classical guitar. I would like to know if she had some special frets added to her guitar neck. The fretboard looks as if it has special notes or something. please explain and thank you for the great music and lessons

  • mariano says:

    i like it

  • Simon (UK) says:

    Wow, this woman has a PhD in Guitar, and there are guys posting comments on how she could do better. Priceless!!!!!! She is wonderful and EXACTLY what Claude’s students that are interested in classical guitar need to help get them into playing classical guitar. Whether you aspire to be the next Segovia and are looking for an intro, before perhaps taking it further with formal qualifications, or just want to add some cool classical stuff to your repertoire and have fun exploring the guitar, Lily is ideal for this particular instructional DVD. Nice one Claude and co.

  • Garry says:

    Is it true that Claude is releasing Naked Guitar Secrets on a Horse?

  • Marty says:

    Very nice. I am a rock, hard blues guitarist with two Les Pauls and two PRS axes and I could watch this kind of performance all day. I learned some cheatin’ arpeggios for Fur Elise and really like the song, but I definitely am worthless without a pick. Keep the postings comin.


  • Pastor Mike says:

    It is truly amazing that so many would try to school her in classical guitar. What hubris! There are probably only a handful in the world qualified to give her instruction.

    People are entitled to their own opinions, and there are many excellent interpretations of this piece that vary in tempo and phrasing. You may suggest how you would do it more to your particular taste, but if you are telling her how to improve, you are likely being a bit of a fool.

  • Nick108 says:

    Very sweet classical guitar. The rock guitarists I know who studied classical are better lead guitarists than the one who hasn’t studied it.

    These lessons are very clearly explained, and with a simple regimen of daily practise I think within a short time, someone could be playing very sweet classical like rain on a roof music.

  • rec says:

    First time visitor. Reminds me of how beautiful classical guitar is. It’s been years since I was exposed to and tried to learn this technique. I’ll be back.

  • Gra'am Guitar says:

    Claude, I’m an ex-professional (retired) guitar player of some 40 years and I look forward to your regular emails and watch a lot of the mini videos that you provide. Some of them are outstanding and almost unbelievable!! Guitar playing is certainly growing in its diversity and breadth of accomplishment. I never comment on other players, as I believe everyone has something to offer and I’ve not heard every player on the planet! Let he without sin , cast the first stone….So why am I reminded of the story of the Emperor’s new clothes?
    The classical guitar is a way of life; it requires at least 6 hours a day practice; a ‘mind-set’ that puts you in touch with the Romance of what is the most difficult instrument to play even at a basic standard. Distinguished from all of the other guitar variants by its complete banishment of improvisation, the only real difference is the emotional input and interpretation by the performer. Hold on, the Emperor’s coming…….

  • luke says:

    teach me please?!?!

  • shaun says:

    thats great!

  • albert says:


  • Len says:

    Real music, a real guitar player, no pseudo excitement, doesn’t need fireworks and screaming amps.I really liked it and I’m a jazz guitar fan. Len.

  • Memo says:

    My best wishes for success. Your style of passing Knoledge and technique are refreshing.

  • Prick says:

    Imagine how good shed be if she was a guy

  • David Olson says:

    I’ve always loved guitarist that play like they are trying to impress a chick- J. Page, J. Perry.T. Rundgren but then I’m also in love with Steve Howe,
    F. Zappa and other less popular players that use classical techniques. I build what I know from who I hear. It’s good to see someone show me some very basic things like this because it helps me to break through that next wall (that some how osmosis advances me to by working on new techniques)will pay off in my writing and emotional musical repitiore

  • wilee says:

    Awesome !!! Beatiful playing guitar I love it

  • dodge says:

    Exellent stuff!!! Does the fretboard have extra 1/2 notes, looks like it to me & I couldnt see her bending strings.


  • Carlos Favila says:

    This is really great, I been learning for years some classical pieces and now with this very few lessons I´ve really improved my skills.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Stehhen C says:

    Claude Thank you for your interest in helping to keep people learning and appreciating ,what is still looked apon as ART….. classical music is the
    result of thousands of years of players from the instrument makers family of cain to the shepherd David playin Psalms to King Edward ? to Dowland,SOR,Bach,
    Tarrego,Pachelbel plus many more to this day of resently Williams ,Segovia etc… I guess what i want to express is What are we as individuals want to Contribute to this presious freedom of ART….. I really enjojed LILY’s expression on her instrument,,she is making a possitive contribution,
    Thank You Claude for the Emails that bring great joy to my life Stephen…

  • Sr Catherine says:

    Its really so simple and best classical practice for beginners, I’m inspired to take up again my practice lessons with the hope to obtain some sample tabs sheets.
    Thanks very much, Claude for giving me this information on your blog.

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