Minuet by J.S. Bach

4 Responses to “Minuet by J.S. Bach”

  • dan reilly says:

    thought it was great and would like to be entered into the contest for a new guitar…..thank you

  • joe says:

    these prizes sound epic! shotgun!

  • Lethuxolo Mlipha says:

    Too bad, i am in school 3pm. but, i am a really motivated 10 year old. My dad is looking for guitar lessons for me.
    Two pro musicians gave me a beautiful guitar, yesterday even put on new strings. Dad teaches me about the blues and i make up words to his favrit. (Some editing by dad mostly me he says.)

  • Larry Cunningham says:

    Beautiful sounds by an accomplished musician. Enter my name for the gifts; and particularly for the guitars. I plan to order the course as soon as I have all of the details.

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