Here’s a cool piece you’ll learn in Classical Guitar Secrets.
It’s not too difficult… Check it out:

4 Responses to “Villano”

  • ZeroProfit says:

    I have taken a few years of classical guitar in college, and I must say, the quality of instruction here is excellent. The explanation of the rest stroke vs. free stroke is right on for this level, and the quality of performance (consistency, tone, dynamics, clarity) by the teacher speaks to the fact that she is very musical. Well done Claude! Your quality of instruction keeps getting better and better!

    • louis says:

      she really didn’t explain restroke vs. free stroke. she explained muting techniques. there is a rest stroke/free stroke component to it, but that is not what she explained.

  • Margaret says:

    Lilly has beautiful hands. As a beginner I wish more instructors would put the camera over their shoulder so I can see the frets and strings from my own learning perspective

  • Memo says:

    Claude thanks for bringing such wonderful addition to guitar instruction besides what you already have for some time. This lady is real teacher and I hope she works herself into a special stage to
    get many guitar enthusiats to try one more her suggestions of SIMPLE steps.Much joy to all the people on the clasical guitar planet.!!!!

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