Here’s Lily playing this classical tune by Bach. One of many cool pieces
Lily will teach you in Classical Guitar Secrets.

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  • Chris Estrada says:

    man, better than wat i’ll ever be in my whole life!

    • Rick says:

      Hey Chris, Lily didn’t just wake up one morning and play like this. Patience and practice and you’ll be able to play like this and someday maybe play a gig with her on this website. Duet classical guitars is like an entire symphony. I’m only back into guitar for one year and I know I have so much to learn and wish I could devote more time to practice. I know I can’t hurry perfection though and if that’s what we want to achieve or get close to we all have to be patient and take as much time as needed to get as close to what we want as possible. We may never get there but we need to have fun trying! Never make learning a chore.

  • Kristin Shell says:

    Brilliant…now where was the A? Just kidding. Im hooked and would love to learn more from you.

  • Rick says:

    Anyone that knows anything about music history knows that the roots of our modern music are deeply seeded in medieval times when groups of troubadours use to travel the countryside and play for royalty and fairs. Classical guitar can find itโ€™s roots here. Learning how to read sheet music will enhance and improve the quality of any guitarist’s abilities. Yeah, tabs are okay but tabs donโ€™t indicate timing or meter. Music theory is a must for anyone who is going to be an accomplished musician. If you donโ€™t believe it just ask Eric Clapton. So rock your brains out and release your anxieties but if you want to relax and win the hearts of some of the most beautiful ladies in the world with class, make learning classical guitar an essntial part of your repertoire. Thanks Lily!


    • I agree with Rick Tabs are limited to what they can show rhtmically and what is the big deal with Tabs if you are going to bother with learning to read tabs why not learn standard notation. Standard notation is just as easy to read as tabs and if you are really serious about learning classical guitar you have to use a litle elbow grease and it takes hard wor. i feel that tabs are just another way we try to dumb down things!

  • fandangueiro says:

    hallo lily fine tune fin playing and fin feeling.I’m not able to play those dificult things anymore due to arthritis,but I’m still wrestling evry day 4to 6 hours to hold up disease and not to get more unabled.a five minutes ago I played annother song with help of a Lili. she was the last queen of hawaii lili U’okalani and I used her composition she wrote to her sister,to comfort a very nice girl firend of mine.she would be very pleased to hear you playing and maybe there will be a day it could happen.I know nearly al european gitarists of rename Iknew williams and segovia when still alive narciso yepes romeros I know thewhole family paco lucia only from several concerts.but brea and willliams I know as well now I heard playing you an that was a fine experience thaank you lili we’ll hear again klaus

  • lewis says:

    Out standing, shear awesomeness.

  • Debbie says:

    I remember Jethro Tull doing this one, prettier on guitar, I am a beginner so way beyond me. Thanks for playing so beautifully for me!

  • pat says:

    beautiful how cool would it be to learn to play stuff like this.

  • terr roper says:

    hi, all good ,h

  • terry roper says:

    hi lily great ,having had classical training my self, its a pleasure to here you, tried bach on the key board , is all good so carry on good work


  • Pig Iron says:


  • Dennis Smith says:

    Hey lily, don’t know if you or anyone has free classical guitar lesson’s that I could refresh myself with. I started in 1997, and going into 98, I was getting the hang of it, but then I wasn’t able to pick up a guitar for 9 month’s, and I pretty much forgot most of it. I can find the lesson’s I have somewhere, can you help me get back my love of classical ?

    thank you,

  • I would like to reply directly to Lily I too was a guitar performance major I studied at New England Conservatory in Boston although I didn’t graduate but I always kept up my guitar playing and I play classical guitar out regularly I have been playing for 45 years. The last time I made a comment I got in trouble but I tried to tell the truth which I want to do here. I have heard some of your other videos and think you are a wonderful guitarist but for some reason with these videos that you are doing for Claude you seem to be holding back I don’t know if it is because of the choice of music or what. Who chooses these pieces Claude or You? Are they chosen because they are more “popular” classical pieces ones that most guitarists play? I have played the Bach e minor lute suite for twenty years and I performed the whole suite in a recital in Weymouth, Massachusetts that was put on by The Boston Classical Guitar Society. As I said I have heard you play other things and you are superb but in the Bach There is a lot of sameness with what comes before and what comes after although you do change the tone color for the second part which is good I would like to see a little more done with tone color and also dynamics. That would be my only suggestions. I have to be honest I thought the rendition was a little stiff. I thought your teaching video was excellent and I thought your Persian Songs and Barrios that I viewed on the internet were superb!

  • Wolf says:

    Sounds so european (tear in the eye)
    I really liked it. Stay in tune!

  • Tom K says:

    You know this is a tune I learned to play 40 years ago and I still pick up my guitar an give it a whirl every now and then BUT it is really nice to hear it played properly. Very good.

  • Hal says:

    WOW! I would have to spray WD-40 on my joints to get my fingers to move like that! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hmmmm… I might have to study this a little more, this is intriguing. Thank you, Lily for an exposure to another style that I truly did not know existed… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • SAL says:

    I am a violinist and really love the classical guitar. You played the Bach selection with such great feeling. Hopefully, I will get to learn the guitar. Thanks


  • PAUL LOVERMI says:

    Have classical AA degree. Play tumpet, guitar/elec&nylon, bass know keyboard.

  • PAUL LOVERMI says:

    Have classicall AA degree. trumpet and some guitar.

  • Ken Howard says:

    Hi Lily; all I can say is WOW played classical music when I was in high school playing with an adult orchestra. And never. Knew how much that I enjoyed it. I will try and get your course as soon as I can afford it but funds are low boos. But enjoyed your playing.

  • Hal Jackson says:

    Beautiful! awesome and smooth, hope I can play half as good one day ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bill White says:

    I can vouch for Lily, she’s a University of Memphis girl. DO NOT miss out on her classical video–you will be able to play beautifully if you practice what she teaches.

    Go Tigers Go!

  • Alberto says:

    Nice movements on barr chords and kept the bass going well, but little low on dynamics on the whole quite good.

  • Pete says:

    Is very nice,well done.

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