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Minuet by J.S. Bach

Recuerdos de la Alhambra

Classical Guitar Secrets will be released on Wednesday!

It starts with easy pieces and progresses to
master pieces and everything else
in between. This is probably the most
challenging piece of the bunch, but wow
is it cool… Check it out.


Here’s a cool piece you’ll learn in Classical Guitar Secrets.
It’s not too difficult… Check it out:


Here’s Lily playing this classical tune by Bach. One of many cool pieces
Lily will teach you in Classical Guitar Secrets.

Lily teaching classical guitar

Another preview of Lily Afshar’s soon to be released DVD course:

“Classical Guitar Secrets”.

This time I want to show you a sample
of her teaching style.

Next time I’ll show you more great
performances and playing from Lily,
and pieces that you’ll learn inside
the course.

Keep checking back here on the blog and
in your emails.

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Welcome to Classical Guitar Secrets

Yes, another Guitar Control blog previewing our latest DVD course: Classical Guitar Secrets.
We have a fantastic instructor – Lily Afshar. Yes, our first female instructor and actually
she is the first woman in the world to receive a Doctorate in Guitar Performance.

She has a ton of killer technical secrets as well as amazing pieces to teach you.
Everything will be tabbed out as well 🙂

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